Sunday, July 12, 2009

thunder storms and cortisone

Last night was an active night here... the caboose is still an avid nurser and wakes me frequently- usually at LEAST twice a night, and "night"means after 12:00am and before 4:30am. So if you add to this the insane bloom of mosquitoes in my back yard, the crazy storms that arrived from the west, an older dog with a true phobia to noise and my own personal intolerance to itchy things... well I had a lot of awake time. Perhaps, (no chance to dream) some time to think-

Once my thoughts calmed, I found my self thinking of how quickly time passes and how amazing that once it over its gone- forever- there is no rewind, reverse, do over- which is really why three and 1/2 (my 37) is so wonderful. Magoo really asks to do things over and over and over. These activities currently include, but are not limited to; singing in my creaky momma voice "Doe a Deer" and "Edelweiss" nightly, getting ice cream as frequently as possible, going to the mall to ride the carousel weekly, expecting the friends who were at the beach last time to be there again when we arrive three days later, and watching the same movies again and again. I find myself wishing away these precious moments that are truly fleeting in the grand scheme of the way life works. "Do I really have to sing that again or did you get me out of it?" I say to my aweet as he bumbles down the stairs to change the batteries in the hello kitty flash light. Then I think, what you are left with after time passes is memories - and if only we can keep them saccharine sweet won't she be one of the lucky few. I know that I am.